I would like to welcome John Emil Augustine to our blog today. John is the newest author with Master Koda Select Publishing and a blessing in his own right! John may not realize it yet but his book “From the Abyss” will change many lives to come….please welcome John Emil Augustine to Master Koda’s blog today.

Synopsis/Book Blurb:

fromtheabyss-cover-FINAL24-year-old John Augustine is looking for a lasting, loving relationship and finds one hidden where he least expects it. Knowing that no relationship is perfect, he walks in with eyes wide open but is unable to see the future swirling with hell and heartache. Amidst the struggles of a new marriage, John begins to realize his wife is far different than the woman he thought he married. Her mental illness soon drags the new family past the point of no return. As a man, John struggles to be strong and tackle their problems single-handedly, though the marital foundation is eroding before his eyes. But once his wife files for divorce, he finds himself in a free-fall.


John Emil Augustine grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and toured in his twenties and early thirties with local and national acts; writing, arranging, and performing with notable jazz, blues, gospel, reggae, post funk, prog rock, and folk groups. John has also been a landscaper, mail carrier, English professor, and forklift operator. He currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife and four boys.

Why Do I Wear The Paint?

I wear the paint on my face for protection and as a symbol of unity.

johnemilaugustine2First, the protection is necessary because the story I am sharing is completely true except for names. In order to protect everyone involved, especially me and my family, but also my extended family including my ex-wife, I have chosen to appear to you incognito. My story, sad as it is, I believe is still one of hope; of standing up from within despair and grabbing hold of the hand which is held out to you. Help and hope will come. My intention is to remind my readers to watch for these things and, in the meantime, to protect yourself.

Second, the rainbow colors symbolize unity. The Rainbow Warriors from the Lakota Prophecy are people of all races and all kinds who are warriors for peace and unity. I believe there is nothing better than unity and I consider myself a Rainbow Warrior. For whatever reason, one of our natural inclinations is to classify and divide. Men, women, blacks, whites, Indians, Africans, Indigenous, Palestinians, Laotians, straights, gays, humans, animals, rivers, rocks: we want to believe, whoever we are, that we have nothing to do with “them.” That we are better off without “them.” That everything would be fine if it weren’t for “them.” These beliefs are DEAD WRONG. Divide ourselves as we may, we cannot get away from each other. The quicker we are conscious of this and work together, the better. Together we are wise. Divided, we are idiots.

Protecting oneself in the midst of danger, holding out for help with a sense of hope, and working with one’s perceived enemies: these are not easy things to do. If they were, all of us would be doing them! However, I have to hope and believe we are at the dawn of a new era today. What the Mayan calendar told us was not that the world would end, but that a new age would begin. Our world is becoming smaller and we cannot continue to ignore one another or the earth.

This is why I wear the paint. This is why I have written my story exactly as it happened. This is why

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John will be interviewed on Heal Yourself Talk Radio on Thursday, December 19, 2013 stop on over and take a listen. Click here.