I want to welcome DeEtte Beckstead to our blog today. DeEtte is an editor for MKSP and an author.  I met her many years ago when her children were in my English classes. I always enjoyed their sharp and dry wit and just had to meet their mother.

DeEtte has lived a rich life full of many ups and downs, but has always held onto her faith. She continues to bless MKSP with her kind and thoughtful nature. Those who have been touched by her know you couldn’t ask for a more caring friend.

If you are looking for a read that will lift your spirits and give you hope then we encourage you to read DeEtte’s books.

DeEtte’s short Christmas fiction has been a best seller year round. I think it might have to do with the fact that the world is hungry for hope, so even though the story takes place at Christmas readers don’t seem to care.

[title color=”blue-vibrant” align=”scmgcleft” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]The Christmas Visitors:[/title]

Synopsis: It’s Christmas Eve – A blizzard and a paranormal sighting cause an accident on a country road. Sam and Ellen seek refuge at a nearby farmhouse. Their experience with the elderly couple that live there will change their lives forever. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ACNOXOY


[title color=”blue-vibrant” align=”scmgcleft” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]Victory is a full length novel.[/title]

Synopsis: The town of Victory has a history of patriotism, faith, and friendliness. A little girl, Brown Eyes, orphaned when her missionary parents were killed in a fire, lives with her only known relative who does not want the girl. When The Guest comes to town, the people open their hearts to him, without knowing who he is or what his motive is. Shortly after his arrival, The Stranger appears, much to the discomfort of The Guest. Slowly, the town loses its freedoms as one of the men takes over little by little. When there is a face to face showdown on the mountain, the life of Brown Eyes and the future of the town are at stake. Who will have the ultimate Victory? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AJ9QEKM


[title color=”blue-vibrant” align=”scmgcleft” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-1em”]A little more about DeEtte:[/title]

DeEtte Beckstead author imageAuthor and blogger, DeEtte Anderton started writing in 2007 when her son challenged her to get involved in NaNoWriMo. The manuscript sat untouched with several others until January of 2012 when a good friend encouraged her to seek publication. The Christmas Visitors is her first published short story, and her novel, Victory is her first published novel.

DeEtte spent much of her childhood playing the piano, clarinet, and guitar, reading, and making up stories. She was active in Girl Scouts, which gave her a wide variety of experiences. While in college, she was on the University of Utah Synchronized Swim team, and taught year-round camping and survival skills for Girl Scouts. She has spent many years working with people with disabilities.

Originally from Utah, currently DeEtte lives in New England where she writes full time and works on the editing team of Master Koda Select Publishing. Her other interests include swimming, crocheting, reading, traveling, history, and her grandchildren. In addition, this devoted mother of six and grandmother of twelve (thirteen, come January 2014!) has been a concerned participant in dog rescue services for many years.