Lots of folks have asked me why they should bother with video for their website and so my first post will address that topic.

Why use video in your internet marketing campaign?

  1. It’s popular. People love video and are far more likely to watch a short film than read text. YuMe http://www.yume.com stated in February of 2011 that 49% of online users watched videos on the internet daily. This was based on users that watched online videos for at least 7 hours a week.
  2. Because of Google’s “Universal Search” system, video is far more likely to come up on the first page of Google and is therefore makes a powerful SEO tool. Use video to get your website on the first page. It’s well worth the effort!
  3. A visitor to a website will be drawn to the video, but their attention will waver. As they watch the flick their eyes naturally take in what surrounds it. If you have strategically placed information or links near the video they will absorb those and click or move on to the information when the video is over.
  4. Communication is deeper than just handing out information. The faster we connect with our audience the more likely they are to purchase from us. The more senses we can use in our communication the deeper we touch the person we are trying to communicate with. Video can connect to your audience like no other tool. It engages the visitor on many levels. When you can engage with your audience with several of their senses you engage on a deeper level. Video uses sight, sound, and emotion.

Start using video and start getting seen. It makes good marketing sense.

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