Have you ever had a moment, even if it was a split second when someone noticed you for the unique person you are or complemented you on a job well done? Do you remember what that feels like in your heart?

Author pic, Jennifer Loiske, summerI think my greatest moment as a writer was when I received my first fan email from a sixteen-year-old girl from Netherlands saying that she absolutely loved my book. She also recommended it to all of her friends and I think she was one of my first Twitter followers, too. A true, devoted fan. I actually printed her email and (some blushing here…) when I’m feeling unsure about my writing, struggling with the story line or just having a bad day all I have to do is to read her letter again and all is well again. The best kick a writer could wish for!

It’s not the same to hear your friends or your family saying they liked your story (don’t get me wrong, it feels great too), but when a completely stranger praises your work it feels so, so, good and you’ll never forget your first fan.

After that there has been a lot of great moments, lot of joy and excitement but Norah, if you’re reading this, I will never forget you. You are always in my heart!

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Club Number Five

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