Of all the fae and fairy stories that we hear of these days, the remaking of magic, hobbits, wizards,  witches and gremlins, I have not heard what happened to the leprechauns.

It makes me wonder-

Are huge machines with copper gears and steamy presses manufacturing fairy shoes now? Is the art of cobbling fading into the sunset alongside the elves that migrated out of middle earth?

Worlds ago a Leprechaun was a much needed worker, tapping away as he made a shoe for a fairy, though if he made two he kept one hidden in case he had to flee from a human.

He hibernated in the winter, but he loved summer, so with global warming one would think the leprechaun might be seen more frequently. His bright green coat and red hat used to be a merry sight in the hillsides. Now the only thing red we see in the fields are the red poppies akin to the ones that put Dorothy to sleep.

I suppose we’re all the better for it. They say Leprechauns hated to be seen. And if they were they would throw the contents of their snuffle box into the poor souls face, which would then suffer a terrible sneezing fit thus allowing the little critter a sure escape.

Perhaps that’s why I sneeze when I walk through the grass in the summer. And all this time I blamed it on allergies. Well then, maybe I should think twice about inviting him back.

Dianne Gardner

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