Donna DillionThis week is Teen Reads Week and in honor of that we are featuring a great young adult author on our blog. Donna Dillon is the author of several excellent reads for tweens and teens. If you enjoy young adult novels we invite you to get to know the author on a more personal level today and check out her books.

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1. Reading

Why do you think Teen Read Week is important?

How do you think we could encourage youngsters to read more?

Read what your kids are reading. It’s very simple, if you are reading the same thing that they are, when you finish, you can talk about it. Communicating with teenagers is tough. It helps to have something in common.

When you were a teenager what books did you like to read and did you have an all-time favourite character?

I loved to read. I read everything from comic books to mad magazine. I read classics like Little Women, Roots, and Gone With The Wind. Then I had a Shakespeare phase where I read everything he wrote, then an Edgar Allan Poe phase, then John Steinbeck phase (I enjoyed this phase most of all) Then, I discovered Stephen King. I not only loved his books, I wanted write just like him. For years. Then I figured it out. Millions of people can write like Stephen King, but there could only be ONE Stephen King. It would be best if I just wrote like me. Delores Claiborne is my favourite character, I think. There are so many to choose from.

2. Writing

Were you writing as a teenager? If so, what were you writing and what inspired you? Did a person inspire you to write?

Stephen King was a very big influence on me. As a teen I wrote graphic horror stories designed to do nothing but scare the pants of my sister.

Do you think today’s teens are in a better position if they want to be a writer than you were all those years ago (hee hee)?

With all the technology today, absolutely teens are in a better position to write than we were. We had to write on a typewriter, or by hand, and then send manuscripts off to publishers by snail mail. We did nothing but wait..and wait. Now, it only takes a few hours for a publisher to say NO. LOL.

What advice would you give a youngster who enjoys writing?

Sit down and write. Don’t edit while you go, don’t stop to nitpick for plot holes, just write. You’ll be surprised what falls out of your head when nothing is there to stop it.

3. Your books

What is your latest book about?

“My Special Christmas Child” is a children’s book about a woman who is fed up with the whole Christmas season, that is, until she meet one little boy who shows her what Christmas really is all about.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I am currently finishing up the illustrations for the new book.

What do you love about being an author?

I love being able to take an idea, and shape it into an entire story. I especially like putting twists in and tying up all the loose ends. It’s very satisfying. I love illustrating too, I find myself pushing myself to finish up illustrations for one book so I can start on another, and when I’m writing, pushing myself to finish that project so I can start an new children’s book to illustrate. When I’m writing, I want to draw, when I’m drawing I want to write. It helps keep me on track.

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The Snake Pit: Jr. High Can Be Torture

BookCoverImage Saving Hargrove

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The Snake Pit: Jr. High Can Be Torture:



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The Snake Pit Jr. High Can Be Torture



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Why Did It Have To Rain Today?

Why Did It Rain Today?



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Author Bio

I am 46 years old, I live in Mendota, Illinois with my husband and five kids.   I am an author and illustrator and am currently working on my 5th book, “My Special Christmas Child” which will be published by Inknbeans Press in November 2013.