Steph Myers Master Koda is pleased to introduce S.E Myers to our readers. Stephanie was a successful indie published author already when she made the transition to publish with MKSP. We have so enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and never tire of her stories. We would love our readers to get to know a little bit about Stephanie, the person. And sometimes a great way to do that is to know a bit about an author as a child. Stephanie, could you share one of your favorite childhood memories with us?

One of my favorite early childhood memories involves cows. My sister and I were in the back of my grandfather’s wagon. It was an older wagon, it had wood paneling on the outside and to me, at the age of five or six, it seemed as large as a truck. It was bumpy and my sister and I were laughing and having fun. My grandfather laughed as we hit pot holes and challenged us to bump our heads on the ceiling. I don’t think we succeeded.

We were traveling along the back roads outside of Manteca, CA. I don’t quite remember where we were going, but I do remembering stopping to take pictures with my Grandmother alongside a field of sunflowers. I am sure I’ve seen that photo in the albums my mother has.

At one point during the trip, we passed a field freshly laid with manure. The pungent aroma intruded my nostrils. I said, “Ew, it stinks!”

My grandmother said, “Well, breathe through your mouth.” I didn’t recognize the glint in his eye until it was too late.

“Ewwww, you can taste it!” Those words out of my mouth threw my grandfather into a hysterical laughing fit. He had to pull over. He laughed for what seemed an eternity.

I’ll never forget. And I even believe I used this on my kids. 😉


You can tell she is a prankster, can’t you? If you enjoyed this story today you can get to know more about Stephanie on her blog and on FB, so stop in and visit her at:

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Dark Revelation – Synopsis

Steph Myers Dark Revelation Ryleigh Simmons just turned seventeen. After losing her parents in a fatal accident, Ryleigh moves in with an aunt she was unaware of and is introduced to family she never knew existed. After finding out she is a descendant of the Fae, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery with the assistance of Tristan – a long lost cousin. Ryleigh’s Uncle Finar wants nothing more than to consume her and those like her to become the most powerful Fae in existence and Ryleigh is the only one who can stop him.

Slowly starting to stir, she could hear the voices say, “Shhh, quiet – she’s coming around.” Ryleigh groaned as she attempted to open her eyes. “It’s okay, little one, wake up,” she could hear the soft voices calling to her.

Ryleigh opened her eyes and shut them immediately. The blinding light felt like fire raging through her skull. She could hear rustling around her. Opening her mouth to speak, her voice caught the gravel coating in the back of her throat. “Hello,” she choked up.


S.E Myers is at work on the next two books of the Dark Revelation series. Look for them soon.