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“That’s where my theory continues,” he pressed on, rotating the ball in the air. Slivers of light from nearby neon signs caressed and bounced off of it, splitting mini rainbows around us. “That the crystal balls are enchanted. My guess is that they only work for her.” He looked at me, a slow smile spreading on his face, the action instantly reminding me of Kayden. They had definitely been around each other far too long.
I could feel the frown tugging at my lips. “So we can’t use it.”
“To the contrary. I think we can.” He paused. “Or rather, I think you can.”
Ari closed the distance between us, swift and fluid as water rushing through a faucet. Using his free hand, he took one of my hands, hovering it precariously over the orb in his open palm. Heat rolled over my skin, and I wiped away at the sticky sweat beading my forehead.
I looked up, seeing his grin turned a sickly mixture of grim and delight. As much as he didn’t like saying it, his words were true. “You have the Queen’s blood inside of you.”
I stared at him, hard. It wasn’t like he was exactly wrong, but calling on her blood like that, the very thing slowly destroying what precious sanity I had left along with my own mortal clock, well, it wasn’t like I was jumping at the chance to tap into it.
Holding out a finger, I felt the need to rant coming on. “Let me see if I get this straight,” I said hotly. “You want me to tap into her twisted-sister demon blood, the poison that’s killing me with each tick of the clock, and try to work the crystal ball?”
Ari childishly rolled his eyes. “Well, when you put it like that.”