“If you sleep with skunks, you’re going to smell like a skunk.” Those words proved true after an eighteen-year, one-hundred-dollar-a-day addiction to meth entrapped me. I am the youngest of four boys. My parents faithfully had us in church every Sunday. Around fourteen, I started attending a church with my brother, Larry. One Sunday, I felt a tug at my heart after an altar call and went forward to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

A highly addictive drug, meth users are often shackled from the very first time. It all started after drinking several whiskey cocktails, then enticed to try a line at a party, and instantly hooking me.

In the later years of my addiction, I dealt with some desperate people stealing to get their next fix. At one point, I nearly killed a man over a drug deal going bad. This man named Joe was on his way to my house one early morning, threatening to kill me because I was out of meth. I retrieved my twelve-gauge shotgun, loaded shells into the chamber, and waited for him to crash my front door down. Luckily, you will get to read the miracle which stopped Joe in his tracks. I am so thankful he didn’t come to my door that quiet morning as I prepared to kill this man, my friend Joe.

You will read how the Lord spoke to me in the stillness of my soul one early morning while watching a video my brother, Larry, sent me. It involved a beautiful girl holding a cardboard box with letters scribbled on the front and the back. Those words she scribbled spoke to me were all it took as my life and thoughts drastically changed. I lived on the precipice of impending death or long-term imprisonment in my past until that moment.

My hope in writing, “My Rehab Is Spelled J-E-S-U-S,” will let the world know, Jesus can and will take you out of your addictions. Positive feedback from readers has received great encouragement to battle their addictions have been staggering. People told me how reading my book made them feel not alone with their habits. Readers particularly appreciate my transparency. They knew my story was true because they could see themselves in my book and me. Many life-changing stories have come from people reading my book, and the miracles since are almost overwhelming. While I am thankful for the lives it has impacted, it has opened many opportunities to share my hope in Christ.

Expanding far beyond my expectations, the 700 Club on CBN recently interviewed me, broadcasting my story to a worldwide audience. I lost count giving my testimony to churches and civic groups all over. But the most beautiful thing is how God has opened up through my testimony are the changed lives it has produced. Often, a listener will come to me proclaiming it spoke to them. Many have said, “I didn’t know why I needed to come to hear your testimony, but after hearing it, I  know why I came.”

Thank God He uses our failures and uses them to His glory. The things you remember with shame now become examples of God’s amazing grace and power to transform lives. My goal now is to bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ, who powerfully redeemed my life.

Kim BarlowI welcome opportunities to share my testimony at any church. My contact info is kimmymale@yahoo.com.

Psalm 91:11 “He ordered his angels to guard you wherever you go.” I hold this close to my heart, for I know God sent His angels to protect me.

My Rehab Is Spelled J-E-S-U-S: A book of hope for those who may have a loved one locked in an addiction


My Rehab Is Spelled J-E-S-U-S