That’s how I would characterize my writing career. It has been a road that has led to places I never thought I’d go – like being the Communications Chair for our church’s association, and standing before auditoriums full of women or an eclectic group of writers or a classroom full of teens. It has put me in chairs opposite some fascinating people and led me to hard places as I’ve recounted some of the trauma in my own life.

And though there have been many times of discouragement, I would change none of it. The Lord has taught me so much through the process of writing, and encouraged me with contact from readers whose lives were affected in some way by something I wrote. When I published my first devotional book, Spur of the Moment, I did it with fear and trembling. I could never have dreamed that book would have three editions and travel to places like India and South America.

When I published my first novel, One Smooth Stone, I gave the first book out of the box to a friend who gave it to her daughter. She had been raped as a young teen and was angry with the world and especially with God. The book lay on a shelf for some time, unopened. But then she got the flu. And her TV was broken and there was nothing else in her apartment to read, so she picked it up. And couldn’t put it down. She called her mom at midnight, in tears, to tell her that “I finally believe that God still loves me, in spite of everything.” When I heard that story I wept too and praised God for what He can do with our mere words.

I’ve also been blessed by being able to teach writers at conferences and online. It’s been a special joy to see my students grow into the work God has for them to do. (BTW, a new devotional course begins in February. Interested? Email me at vinemarc At Telus dot net).

What has your writing journey been like? How have you overcome the discouragements that came your way? Has a book had a strong influence in your life? What are your hopes and dreams for 2022? I’d love to hear from you. Just post a comment below and I will be sure to respond.

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