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What happened to the leprechauns?

Of all the fae and fairy stories that we hear of these days, the remaking of magic, hobbits, wizards,  witches and gremlins, I have not heard what happened to the leprechauns. It makes me wonder- Are huge machines with copper gears and steamy presses manufacturing...

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Making Your Own Luck

I don’t really believe in luck but I do believe we are given many paths to chose from. One of my paths was something many women in their mid-forties experience, I got a divorce. After a twenty-five year marriage, I did what every middle aged adult does nowadays -...

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Bertha’s Valentine Advice…

In honor of Valentine’s Day I asked Bertha* to share her best relationship advice. As usual, I was a bit surprised by her answers. I suppose I was expecting something like…put the toilet seat down…don’t go to bed angry…and while she agrees that those things are...

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A Word for the Year

Happy New Year everyone! We decided instead of doing resolutions for MKSP this year we would choose a one-word focus. We picked the word "JOY." In everything we do we will add a cup of joy to the recipe. So far it is working wonders. What is your word for the year?...

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WOW Wednesday MKSP Author: John Emil Augustine

"I didn't realize my story would be so helpful in so many ways. Now there is no question in my mind that we need to get it to as many people as there are who need hope." ~John Emil Augustine You can help John Emil Augustine take his story of hope to the street...

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WOW Wednesday: Joey Paul

Book Synopsis: Waiting on You Angelina and Zack couldn’t be anymore different; one lives in apparent riches and the other in poverty. They meet online and a friendship blooms, but then things in Angelina’s life take a turn for the worst and she finds herself turning...

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WOW Wednesday Author: Jerrid Edgington

Today we are wowing Master Koda Select Publishing's (MKSP) author Jerrid Edgington! Jerrid Edgington calls Poteau Oklahoma his home with his wife, Jody, and their daughter Zoey. Jerrid has worked in EMS for the past 18 years with 15 of those years as a Paramedic. With...

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WOW Wednesday: Jennifer Don and Dominique Goodall

This week we are wowing Jennifer Don and Dominique Goodall, both will be publishing soon with Master Koda Select Publishing. While we are patiently waiting their newest releases, these wonderful ladies have an anthology out: Lupus Animus, a charity anthology with 33...

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