Hi! I’m Jennifer Loiske and I live in Finland. By day I am teaching the futures of our beautiful world, children. By night I envelope myself with the dark creatures of the night; vampires, demons, witches, shape shifters…whatever inspires me. At the moment I’m snail-writing a story about spies, finishing up my second book for children and yes, also snail-writing a dystopian story for teens. Why snail-writing, you might ask. Well, working full time with the kids, being a part that creates pedagogical content for a Pikkuli program and repairing our summer cottage I have only few, rare moments to spare for my writing.

However, since year 2021 was a crappy year for me (and about a million other people) I decided to make some changes. A wise man, Viktor Frankl, said that when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves, and I plan to do just that. At first I thought that baby steps would be a good way for me, but then again, why not do it with a bang. So, in 2022 (after wrapping this semester up in preschool) I will revive my blogs, get a puppy and write more. How? Well, that’s still a work in progress but I’m confident my plan will work. I will work less and speed up my writing, hopefully sitting on my new porch at my summer cottage, sipping tea and watching the waves slowly move in the sea. My puppy (read puppies) running around, trying to catch whatever moves…a squirrel, leaf, butterfly, bee…and I will also give more time to Pikkuli. There. Now that it’s written down, it’s a promise not only to myself but also to my patient readers which have been waiting…and waiting for my new release way too long.

A bit about my writing style…While I’m writing, I love to research, so every time I get an idea of a new story, I’ll do a crazy Google session looking for places, old myths, names, folklores, magical items…anything that could spice up my story and make it more real for the readers. I place hidden clues in my text about places, people and things that has happened for real. Some of my readers have re-read my books many times just to find all the hidden gems ? Here’s an excerpt from one of my books, Club Number Five, and the place described here can be found next to Thames in central London.

“He had described the house in such detail that Kate and I had no option but to find it. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. The house was next to the Thames and looked a bit burned and ready to be crushed. All the other houses around it were nice and obviously owned by people with money, so why was this house, probably worth a couple of million pounds, left there abandoned and open to anyone who wanted to enter?”

Earlier I mentioned Pikkuli. Pikkuli is a little bird, that explores the world just like small children do. You can find Pikkuli episodes on Amazon Prime or in YLE areena but Pikkuli is so much more than a TV series. It’s also a carefully built program by early learning educators to anyone working with the small kids. It’s based on positive pedagogy and it’s focused on teaching children emotional and social skills. I’m educating kids (age 1-6 years) and their educators around the world, so if you got interested, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anyways, I could go on about my writing and other projects, but I better stop now and thank, Kim, Tamy and the crew of MKSP for asking me to visit this blog and keeping me under their wings during all these years.

If you want to know more about me and follow my journey, you can find all my stories on Amazon worldwide (there are stories for children, teens and young adults…some short stories for adults, too), or you can stop by on my Facebook, Goodreads or Instagram pages, or maybe just say hi, on my Twitter account. I also have a couple of very neglected blogs, which you might want to check out before all the new material hits them.