Get To Know: CJ Peterson

Author CJ Peterson

1) Who are you, where do you come from, when did you start writing, why did you choose the writing industry.

Wow! Those are three big ones! Okay, who am I? I am a Christian-fiction author, but I tell people, “It’s not your momma’s Christian fiction.” The subgenres to these are: paranormal, suspense, sci-fi, etc. Basically, not your standard. Along with being a published author since 2012, with eight awards to my name, I am also a blogger, podcaster, publisher, and believe it or not…a farmer. Serenity Acres is an apiary and an orchard. As for my books, I have 15 novels (the 16th comes out on 25JAN), a novella, 2 children’s books, and I am in three anthologies. I am involved in 3 podcasts: The Journey Is Real; The Con Hour; and Book World: The Great Escape. I am also co-owner of Texas Sisters Press. As for my writing, I’m known as a “pantser.” This means I “write by the seat of my pants.” I literally sit down, pray, and type. I write until I can’t write anymore, then put it up. I read the last chapter, and keep going. The thrill is that I never know how the story will end!

When did I start writing? I’ve written since I was a child. I have over 45 books written, and have been converting them to published works since 2012, due to the encouragement of my husband. Each time they are rewritten, they take on a whole new meaning and storyline.

Why did I choose the writing industry? Well, my life has not been the best (up until the last 10 years, that is). I often used writing as a form of escape. Writing, like my life, is a journey. I write to allow others the opportunity to take a journey of the heart as well. As scary as it sounds, there are parts of the stories that are true, and some parts are made up…I’ll never tell which is which!

As for the publishing side of it? I chose that in order to help others achieve their dreams as well. Holding that first book in my hands – a part of me that will hold a permanent place in the world that no one can take away – was priceless. It’s a thrill I still get each and every time I hold a new release in my hands! That’s the same thrill readers get when they hold a book in their hands as well. They know they are going on a journey, and they are excited to see where that story will take them!

2) What genre do you write, why do people like your stuff, etc

Well, I already explained above that I am a multi award-winning, multi-genre author. I don’t like to be pigeonholed into one genre. Live is not that simple. Our lives are not lived in one genre, nor do I write in one. I write for “big people” – Christian fiction, suspense. Some are paranormal/supernatural, while others are sci-fi. I am also a children’s book author, thanks to two little guys named Chief and Sarge. With their help, “little people” can take journeys of their own!

As far as why people like my stuff? Well, they either love it or hate it. Honestly, there really isn’t an in between. My writing style is unique, allowing you to see things from other’s perspectives within the story. People tend to learn things from a perspective they may not have otherwise considered.

I am also ADD and OCD. The ADD portion lets you know it’s fast-paced. The OCD portion lets you know that you all questions will be answered by the end of the series.

3) Invite the readers to visit you on the blog on Sunday.

I was asked by Tamy to do a blog for the MK Family. I have known Kim & Tamy, along with several other MK Folks for years. It was an honor for me to be able to allow you to see my work. I struggled with what to write. After all, how can you show the world who you are in only 500-700 words? I chose to share a portion of my heart, along with an encouragement as we face yet another year in the decade of the 20’s. This decade has been a challenge. I hope, as you read my blog on 09JAN, that you will be encouraged in facing this new year!

4) Include your Amazon author page link and ask them to follow you there.

There are many avenues to find me online. First in foremost is my website:

“While the stories are fiction, the journey is real.”

If you want a more direct route to my books, head over to my Amazon Author Page: