MasterKoda Writer’s Workshop

Four weeks – Two sessions a week – each session 45 minutes in length

Class One: A Firm Foundation: Focus on Character and Plot Development

Four weeks – Each session an hour and a half in length

Saturday Sessions: Sept 7th, Sept 14th, Sept 21st, Sept 28th

Time: 11:00 am Eastern time

Price $80.00

Advanced Class: The Stuff Bestsellers are Made of: Carries on from class one – More in depth study on types of characters, realistic dialogue, plot twists, mirroring, how to braid several plots together without getting lost, genre styles and characters, point of view. More opportunity to focus on your pieces of work

Four weeks – Two sessions a week – each session 45 minutes in length

Tuesday Sessions: Sept 3rd, Sept 10th, Sept 17th, Sept 24th

Time: 8:00pm Eastern time

Price $80.00

Workshop will be live online and recording of the live workshop will be made available for review

Read what past writers
have to say about the workshops:

DeEtte Beckstead From DeEtte Beckstead, author of Victory ~ We just concluded the last session of the Master Koda’s Writers Workshop. It was awesome! We all learned so much from Kim Mutch Emerson. Her passion for teaching coupled with her love of writing powered the classes to inspire all of us! Next time she offers it, consider taking it if you are thinking about writing or if you are a multi-published author! You will be glad you did. And it’s very affordable! Thanks, Kim!

TerryDrydanFrom Terri Dryden, author of Waking Up ~ What a WONDERFUL class last night!!! I really can’t believe how much I didn’t know! You are one of the best teachers I have ever had, and trust me, I’ve had many. You have so very many talents…but don’t EVER stop teaching!!