Hello, My Good Friends and Family!

It’s been a while since we have focused on manifesting our desires and as a result, we have just learned to accept life as the wind blows it in our faces. Well, I feel it’s time to turn that around and let’s have some fun. Life is way too short to just let our dreams and goals fizzle and die in the dust at our feet.

For these past two years everything just kept piling up. It seemed no matter where we turned there was more suffering, major losses, lost jobs, illness and death, some people were broken nearly beyond repair. I got lost in the murky negative fog along with many others.

Now I know we can’t control every event that comes our way. After all, we live on earth and there will always be trials and pain, but we can control how we react to the events.

God reminded me that healing energy is available to us through our faith. It’s always right there waiting; all we have to do is reach out and ask. I realized I had allowed the negative events to gobble up all my joy and positive vision. That’s when I decided I must get back to the Poppin’s Principle ™ and while I was at it, I felt compelled to invite anyone who wanted to join me to come along on the journey. I will disclose foundation of the Poppin’s Principle as we go along. So stick with me kid. We are in for a grand adventure.

I heard an important message for all of us. If we are to turn things around on a big scale it is going to take more than one person on their knees. It was going to take a whole battalion and it starts with learning positive self-talk.

On Wednesday Master Koda sent out the MKSP newsletter encouraging everyone to do an experiment with us for one week. We asked that everyone practice saying a simple affirmation every morning, “I am a beloved child of the great creator. I am worthy of love.”

If you are like most people who have had some rocky spots in the path of life this might have felt really uncomfortable when you first started. Today it might still feel uncomfortable, but no matter what, just keep doing it everyday until you can say it without cringing. We also asked you to start writing it in a journal every day and fill in a full page.

In the comments here share with us how that experiment is going for you. Be as detailed as you would like. Has it changed from one day to the next or are you feeling the same thing every day?  Is it easier or more difficult to say this affirmation now?

No matter how you feel about it, keep doing it every day and keep doing the journal assignment every day. Pay attention to your feeling around this assignment and make note in your journal. If you are still as uncomfortable with this as you were the first day, then I want you to continue for one more week. The purpose of this is to move you away from negative self-talk.

Keep an eye out for the next newsletter. Invite your friends to join us! We will give you the next step in the Poppin’s Principle ™ of creating prosperity.