It is my pleasure to host author Dvora Swickle this week. Dvora is a children’s author and will share with us a book she is reading and enjoying. Take a moment and share your thoughts with her.

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Now that I can read on my phone I am having a blast. No matter where I am I can just pick up my phone and read.  On the link, sounder train, stop lights!  I had issues at first but as I got the hang of it, I read much quicker on the phone than a book, not sure really why.

I picked my current book because of the cover.  Yes, I am a person who takes things by the cover.  It totally intrigued me, so I opened the book.  I am reading The Necro Device, Rise of the Mandiev  by M.T. Dismuke.  The cover totally pulled me in but so are the words.  Lines like, “Vendors sold their wares of homemade candies and kettle popcorn that smelled so delicious that it drained the mouth of its drooling fluids.”  Oh my, that had me hooked.  I had to go back to the beginning and start reading.  Then I saw, “tall puppet master wearing a black trench coat.  He had a ragged, dark beard and thick, hairy eyebrows which looked as if they’d crawl right off of his forehead.”  This had me hooked. I love reading when it puts pictures into my head, I was crawling to the first page and began.  Mandiev brothers are evil but are they.  My visions of them roam with each page I turn.  The female character in this book has and is taking me through a journey no one would want to go, except to read it.  I have and am enjoying this book and will finish it soon and review it.

I have not read anything else by this author but certainly will in the future I give this book 5 plus and hope more are to come.

This book is helping me with painting the picture through words.  Creating a book is hard but to give the charters three D perspective to my reader’s is what I try to achieve in my stories.  Telling the story that slides like butter on toast is graceful and pure talent.  I feel reading this book I am learning all these things and also its sending me on a great adventure.


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Dvora Swickle lives in the quaint fishing village of Gig Harbor, Washington.  There the grass is green, the trees are tall, and the animals roam freely. Dvora believes that all children’s should live bully free, learn confidence. My stories are like a box of cracker jacks, a lovely reading experience with a message inside just for them to grow on. Come and join Dvora as she tells her many tales. Her words will follow you all through your life!

Dvora Swickle (AKA D.A. Johnson) has been entertaining and writing for children (and her two kids) for over 20 years. Dvora drove school bus for 10 years, creating poems for children to read upon arrival to school. Dvora loves to read in school classrooms, children are captivated by her voice. Dvora works with special needs children and is devoted to helping students 18 to 21 transition from high school into the work community and living independently. Stories can help students understand problems without feeling it is directed towards them personally. Working in the school system for 17 years, has been a blessing for her and the students around her, finding time to read during library time Dvora enjoys reading and putting fun voices to her characters, inviting children to take part.  Every time she reads “sweet green grass” kids are encouraged to raise there hands.  Dvora loves seeing all the fingers in the air, makes her feel so appreciated and warm.

She has written over 40 stories and is the author of two poetry collections. The first poetry collection “Dress Up” is available in paperback. The second collection “Kittywampus” is available in eBook format.

Dvora encourages young children to develop a life-long love for language and reading. She believes that poetry can play a big role in motivating children to read. “Poetry helps young readers understand language, words and feelings through rhythm and rhyme.  Children feel comfortable with poems because it’s like playtime with words.”

In Dvora’s poetry and stories, a positive attitude toward life is the major theme and each story ends with a moral. “Many of my stories present situations where something goes wrong,” she says.  “I use loving characters alongside funny and familiar situations to show ways in which we can overcome any obstacles in school or home with patience and grace.”

Dvora’s motto is T.T.R.A.B,  “Time To Read Another Book”.!/dvoraswickle

What takes you on an adventure in reading?   Mystery, suspense, thriller’s?  Do you have a ritual when you read.  I find myself reading everywhere I can.  It takes me away for a moment and gives me a break from reality.  Like a short siesta.  Share what you are reading at the moment, tell me about your adventure and always looking for a good read.