MasterKoda welcomes Jennifer Don to the blog this week. Read on to read an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Timber Varden.

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Extracting from the Source

Today, I have something very special in store for you. No, it’s not the lottery numbers, even though they would come in handy. Instead I’m going to share with you some excerpts from my novel Timber Varden. Are you ready for this?

Here we go!


Muse: Wait, hold on! You’re just going to give them it?

Me: Well yes. It’s not like I’m going to give them the whole book. Only a small portion of what it holds.

Muse: And you’re okay with this?

Me: Of course I’m okay with this.

Muse: And what of your Characters, did you ask them if they minded?

Me: Considering it’s my book and my Characters, why should they mind?

Muse: Well you know… what you might share; they might not want you to disclose it yet.

Me: Oh for Pete’s sake. Let me see if he’s around to ask…. CHRISTIAN!!!!

*Faint running can be heard*

Christian: Hello, you called?

Me: I did yes. It seems I need to ask you a question before I can go any further.

Christian: Ask away.

Me: Would you mind it if I shared some of your moments with our readers out there?

Christian: Can I make comments?

Me: Hmm… if I let you make comments, will you let me share?

Christian: Yes!

Me: Okay, that’s that settled then. *wipes brow*

My apologies readers, I really don’t know what happened there, my muse and main character seems to have an affiliation with hearing their own voices of late. No matter, we have a green light for go on the excerpts so let’s do this!

The first excerpt I wanted to share comes from the newly formed Chapter 1. In this chapter we see Christian reveal his situation in an argument with Amelia his partner.

Christian: I revealed no such thing. She asked and I answered.

Me: That is not the point, Christian. Now can we continue?

Christian: Yes, sorry.

The resulting excerpt is toward the end of that argument.

“I’m done playing games with you Christian. I’m tired of arguing with you. You and I, we have something. But if things don’t change, there won’t be any you and I for much longer,” stated Amelia as the first drops of tears were released.

“And how do you think I’m feeling right now?” asked Christian, his heart now heavy. “Do you not think for one moment that I might be feeling just as bad? It’s my neck on the line here, it’s my deadline that’s due with nothing to show for it. You shouting at me won’t help with anything. I mean it’s not exactly encouragement Amelia, for Christ’s sake. Just give me some space and some peace and quiet. That’s all I’m asking for right now. Some time to clear my head and get some work done.”

As you can see things are a little heated here, and yes I’m aware it’s currently more dialogue than anything else. I will fix this as soon as I can.

Christian: Why did you choose that part? I hate that part! I’m sorry Amelia, I truly am!

Me: I chose it because it best represents the tension within the scene. I know you hate it and that it hurts to relive that moment of your past. But your fans want to see it.

Christian: Oh, I have fans? Well in that case, please carry on.

Me: *Rolls eyes*

Why me? Is it only me who seems to be having a moment where characters want to be heard out with the books they are in?

No matter. Let us move on. The following excerpt comes from Chapter 2 and arose in a period of reflection for Christian.

Christian: Ooh! I wonder what this could be!

Me: Hey, do you mind? Your public is waiting you know.

Christian: ….

The sketch consisted of tall thick trees with little light coming through. He could tell this from the shading that he had added. Christian was drawn to look more at the shade between the trees where he found himself gazing at the image of a wolf which seemed to look right back at him. How is this even possible? He thought. He had never been the arty type and couldn’t draw to save himself. But no matter how hard he tried to understand how the image appeared on the page before him, he couldn’t. It was there, looking at him. The strangest thing happened after Christian looked up to catch the last rays of the evening sun as it faded from sight. When he returned his gaze to the page, the wolf upon it had moved from where it stood in the shadows. The rest of the image remained the same, but the wolf was closer. It was clearer to him and yet it still looked as though it was looking right at him. It was as if the wolf was trying to draw him into its world.

Christian: That’s one bizarre drawing, I tell you. I didn’t believe it was moving, but I couldn’t deny what I was seeing! I mean tie me up and call me a psycho, but sheesh that drawing!

As you can see this was a mind boggling moment from Christian’s perspective.

Did the image really move?

Or was Christian’s mind now playing tricks on his already fragile state?

If that wasn’t enough to have him carted off to the nearest mental health ward then perhaps this next excerpt is the tipping point. The final excerpt this week comes from Chapter 6.

With his mind confused and his body burning from the hike, Christian lowered himself down onto a large tree root as he aimed to regain his focus. But all he could think about was the events that had led up to this moment. Between the whispers in the wind and the sketch that moved, it was no wonder he doubted his sanity. Those very thoughts had him contemplating a call to Eric to ask him to send out the wardens of the asylum.

Did he make that phone call?

Did Christian end up being incarcerated into the hands of the mental health department?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to buy the book when it’s released in order to find out Christian’s fate.

Christian: *making loud noises and shouting* HEY! YOU OUT THERE! LET ME OUT OF HERE. I SHOULDN’T BE HERE. I ORDER YOU TO LET ME…. *muffled speech*

Muse: Well now that was an interesting twist of events. Poor Christian, what has he succumbed too?

Me: Poor Christian indeed. I hope he’s going to be okay.


Timber Varden: A novel coming your way soon. Keep your eyes open for more details; oh and please keep watch for Christian as he battles through a difficult period of doubt.


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Jennifer spent many years without daring to lift a pen, without writing a word that wasn’t forced. But 2008 arrived and with it, her love of writing. She began with poetry which quenched her thirst to begin with but soon that wasn’t enough to satisfy her. 2011 arrived with a dream to write her first novel – Awakening, which is on-going. November saw her attempt her first NaNoWriMo, and so Timber Varden was born, with the bulk of it being written within that month. Now she finds herself aiming to re-write that draft and turn it into her first published novel.

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While she aims to work through the edits needed, updates on her progress can be found on here –
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