Master Koda Presents Debra Jayne

Join with MasterKoda in giving Debra Jayne East a warm welcome as she bares a part of her soul and some of what inspires her to write.

The Rock That Saved Me

People experience depression at many different times in their lives. One of the most common for women is the break-up of their marriage. Such was my case and nothing anyone said or no matter how many therapy sessions I attended did I feel any hope for my future. After work I rarely left my home, but this day my ordinary turned into an extraordinary event that impacted my life in ways I never dreamed of.

This morning, old memories were rushing at me like a freight train. I felt like jumping off a cliff. My mind wondered how I could stand even another day of this kind of emotional pain. I just drove for a while trying to forget my anguish. Finally, exhausted, I pulled up at my daughter’s house with tears streaking down my face. Then, I got out of the car and for an unknown reason my hand reached down and pulled out a rose colored, heart-shaped rock. I was surprised because it wasn’t visible when I reached down. It was totally hidden in the grass. It felt like my hand was guided there for some reason.

As I turned the stone over in my hand, I heard a voice clear as a bell inside my mind. ”Even though it’s crooked and nearly broken, it’s still a heart and still capable of love.” It was a simple message from a tiny heart-shaped rock placed in that exact spot for me to find. Finally, I could breathe again.

That message turned my life around and I felt the clouds of despair that had followed me dissipate. I wanted to pass this message along to other people who had suffered from heartbreak as I had. So, I began writing. You know when you have good news you have to tell somebody! I wanted to weave this message into a paranormal love story.

My first novel, Radiance: Love after Death was released by XOXO Publishing in June of last year . Marena Jacobs is not your typical heroine. She’s divorced, overweight and a workaholic. She could be any of us! It deals with heartbreak and second chances. Radiance:Love after Death is a mix of paranormal, romance and inspiration all rolled up into one love story, all inspired by the rock that saved me. I think it will inspire you too!

About Debra Jayne

Debra Jayne East was born the oldest of six girls in Martinsville, Virginia. For as long as she could remember, she loved to keep journals, write poetry and short stories. She researched her family tree and suddenly she understood why. Her distant relative, Violet Florence Martin was an Irish author, born in 1862, who co-wrote a series of novels with cousin Edith Somerville under the pen name of Martin Ross in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

She lives in North Carolina close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoys photography, volunteering and spending time with her family. Her first novel, Radiance:Love after Death, was released by XOXO Publishing last year. Currently, she is completing a second book in her Radiance series and also working on a science fiction novel.

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  1. Kim (KD Emerson) says:


    Thank you so much for being my guest this week. As I read your story of inpiration it struck me that we have something unusual in common. During a dark and desperate time in my life I was hiking through an obsidian mine and came across a piece of obsidian in the shape of a heart. That rock gave me hope and still sits upon my shelf standing guard over me.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us today!

    Kim (KD Emerson)
    Author of Digitus 233

    • That’s just too amazing. I believe it was a clear message that you are loved and being watched over. Looks like a rock saved you too! We may have to start a club,
      lol. Thanks for hosting me!

  2. A very inspirational story. I really enjoyed it.

  3. amy mccool says:

    Wow this sounds great. thanks for sharing

  4. Wonderful and very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story of hope!!

  5. I haven’t found anything great like that, but once an imprint in front of my apartment in the snow of two hearts entwined together. I was just made by my car when it backed out, but it looked so perfect that I even took a picture of it. Sometimes little things like that lift our spirits if only for a little while. Great post Debra.

  6. I too have gone through a divorce, it wasn’t a pretty one, but then there aren’t many that are I suppose. I too went through a shock and depression that hurt more than anything before to date. I don’t know how I got through other then my kids needed me. They were still little at the time. It is very inspiring that you found that heart shaped rock, along with those words, it gave you something to hold on to and helped ease the pain. Thank you for sharing your story! Blessings to you! thank you~

    Wendy Siefken

  7. What an awesome story of inspiration and healing. I went through a similar time in my life and know exactly what you went through. I love that you got a message from a rock. They are so permanent and solid. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Great story. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Bethany says:

    Thank tor for sharing your experience with us. Answers are given to us in so many ways but lack of awareness and self doubt often clouds the message. So wonderful you were able to receive it.
    The Native Americans believe rocks are our ancestors. Makes sense.
    Not enough people share their experiences with depression. People often have difficulty admitting they have or had experienced it. It is a lonely illness and society and many in the medical field have a hard time believing it is every bit as painful as a physical distress. Many look at it as a sign of weekness.
    So thank you for sharing your experience and you’ve let many see that it can pass; one can heal.

    • I agree with you Bethany! Many times answers are staring us in the face! I hope people will read my book and be inspired by the heart-stone plus it’s a darn good romance story! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. It is truly amazing how the Spirit/God works through the most unbelievable contact points to let you know all is not lost and not only will you make it, you will thrive. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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