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MasterKoda welcomes Aurora Martinez to the blog this week. Read on to find out more about what makes her tick and what her writing process is.

My writing process is all over the place. Sometimes I am pantser. Everything influences my book’s next step or my characters next thought. Those are the times when I find myself consumed by the story. I can barely eat, sleep, blog or function without my characters making an appearance in my mind. A prime example was a few weeks ago. I could only talk about my writing and being an author. My boyfriend is convinced that I’ll be a best seller without even reading the story. Apparently, I talked about the book so much he didn’t need too. During those times, I make great strides in the story line, my characters become more than I expected them to be, and pages and paragraphs are added. These periods are short and the muse burns through my veins. I feel like I will burn up if I don’t just put it on paper or in my case, Microsoft Word Document. The words are fast and sometimes I don’t even make sense. I am happy to have the longer periods as the plotter times. For example, right now, I’m a plotter. This is one of those periods where all I do is re-read my book and fix any errors such as plot holes, spelling and punctuation. I don’t really add anything new to the story; it’s just about editing what I have.

As for a day in my writing, in all honesty, it really depends on the ebb and flow of the days and whether I am being a plotter or a pantser. My day of writing is very different in each case. On the days I’m a pantser, I spend my day in my hole also know as my room, away from people and all other distractions. I want my full attention on the book that I am writing. It doesn’t even matter if is it proper English or doesn’t make any sense. I can fix it later. However, on the other days my writing is on the back burner as I work on other things. It is a buzz in the back of my brain, that while I continue my day, and then spend a few moments fixing the messes that I make during my pantser times. I think the best thing to say is, “Ask me today if I’m a plotter or a pantser and then all me again tomorrow. You may get a different answer.”


About the Author:

Aurora Martinez

Aurora Martinez writes under the name, Elizabeth Delana Rosa, and is currently working on her first novel for publication, Child of the Loch. It is a fantasy story about a woman, who is never thought she was truly special, until she goes to her father’s homeland, the Loche. In the Loche, she finds her strength, as well as love, betrayal and magic.

Aurora has always been a writer. When she first learned how to write in Kindergarten, she wrote about pigs that “groo” wings and became “butterfys.”

It was then that she knew that writing would be her true passion. Over 20 years late that love has over flowed into writing novels, blogs, reviews and poetry.


  1. It is great to learn more about you and your work. Don’t you love it when the characters take over?

  2. Sian Young says:

    Loved it Aurora!!!! It’s ok to talk about your work no stop!! 😀 Means you really love it!!! 😀

  3. Great post, Aurora! I can definitely relate to the ‘pantsing’ side of the writing process. It seems that the Muse works best with an open realm to draw upon rather than a hard-fast outline.

    Congrats with your writing progress. I wish you all the best~


  4. Really cool Aurora. I’ve not had my characters take over that way. But they do fight with me and have totally changed what I’m writing.

  5. Cheer up Aurora, writing is that kind of business.. Every published author has been where you are now – even the truly great ones. There are days when everything flows and the words appear on your PC monitor almost effortlessly. Other days it’s a grind as you struggle to express precisely what you mean. As a mere male I hesitate to say this but it must be a bit like having a baby. The concept is fun, but they don’t call the rest of it labour for nothing! The reward, however, is something wonderful – your very own creation – your own individual baby. Perservere, it’s well worth the effort.

  6. Great post. So good to get to know you better, Aurora.

  7. Yes, I’ve definitely had times where my characters wont shut up until I’ve written what they want. Yep, they hold me hostage. Then other times they let me alone. He-he! The voices in my head told me to write this. No, really. . . . . Great post, Aurora! Keep on writing!

  8. DeEtte Anderton says:

    Great post! I loved it, Aurora! I am happy to have the opportunity to get to know you better!

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