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I’ve been busy this Spring.  Lots of family stuff, friends, and the ever popular, chores.  With Spring in full bloom, I’ve been cleaning out, organizing and giving away ‘stuff’ that I no longer need.  What about you?  Have you been bit with the spring bug to purge, clean and organize?

For today, I thought I would share some poems that our main character from our Trilogy, What She Knew, wrote in real life. Marilyn Monroe was a very talented, smart woman; though you would never know it by the persona she created for herself.

These poems of hers are fun and reveal a deepness in her that few knew.  Enjoy!!

Marilyn Monroe

Don’t cry my doll
Don’t cry
I hold you and rock you to sleep
Hush hush
I’m pretending now
I’m not your mother who died.


Marilyn Monroe Gravesite

I am of both your directions
Existing more with the cold frost
Strong as a cobweb in the wind
Hanging downward the most
Somehow remaining
those beaded rays have the colours
I’ve seen in paintings-ah life
they have cheated you
thinner than a cobweb’s thread
sheerer than any
but it did attach itself
and held fast in strong winds
and singed by the leaping hot fires
life-of which at singular times
I am both of your directions-
somehow I remain hanging downward
the most
as both of your directions pull me.

It’s amazing to us how much sadness was in this woman who was so ‘loved’ by the public. It goes to show that we really don’t know the people around us, even the people we are closest too. So, for this next week, take time. Take time to notice the ‘Marilyn’s’ in your life and show them kindness and tell them how much you appreciate and love them.


T.L. Burns

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