K.D. Emerson, Author of Digitus 233 Bares All

Life Lessons Learned: or Why I Wear a Bowler Hat While Writing

‘It’s just a blog tour, thirty minutes of writing each week and poof you’re done.’  This is what I told myself when Tasha Turner talked me into joining the TTC-MK blog tour last spring.

We had agreed to organize a blog tour together to start things rolling for her new blog tour service that she would roll out later in the year, but my life had become full to over-flowing and I told her to continue on without me. She still felt I would be rewarded if I stayed involved enough to be a host and guest each week, so although my novel wasn’t finished, I relented and decided it would be a good pre-promo thing for the book.

Each week grew more intense. My time was swallowed with the many obligations I have during each summer season. And yet, there I was at the end of each week, fighting sleep, with two toothpicks to prop my eyes open, pounding on the keys, cutting it to ribbons and pounding the keys again. Every week cursing me for not knowing how to say no and also cursing me because of my stubborn nature; I would not quit no matter what life threw my way.

And now that it’s over I sit back and give gratitude that Tasha “made” me do it because I had a few life lessons reinforced along the way about humans in general and me in particular. I learned that in grace we are forgiven and that in generosity we are blessed. And most importantly, I learned that I wear a bowler hat while writing because the first book I fell in love with had a photo of the author in a hat on the back cover – it was one of those life defining moments, what can I say.

Coming Soon Digitus 233

Author, KD Emerson was born (or is that hatched) several years ago. We won’t go into how long it has been because she has this fantasy that she is still a teenager off to conquer the world. She has a passion for the written word and assisting other writers in becoming the best they can be. She also loves to promote others and cheer them on to victory. Follow her on twitter @MstrKoda or you can find her at www.masterkoda.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/kimmutch.emerson


  1. It may hurt my career but I am learning when to back off and say I can’t do it!
    And I ain’t saying goodbye to ya!

  2. You are going to find that you are going to miss writing….at least for the blog tour….I know you will continue on with this awesome book you are working on right now, but will miss reading your insights from the blog tour. Funny how life is, we tend to say yes more often than no but sometimes its the Universe’s way of saying “I have something to teach you…..here you go” lol

  3. Oh Kim! Don’t feel like you need to take on everything in the world. I’ve had to turn down a few things because it just got to the point where I wasn’t sure what was due when, or what I had promised to do, or where I was supposed to be at what time. It was a mess. You continue to do an ASTOUNDING level of things past my own limits, and with class on top of it, and I wish I had that level of brass. You keep going lady, but know when it’s too much, not to feel embarrassed to say, “I’m busy now, rain check?”

  4. There is a saying that old soldiers never die, they only fade away. Now Kim, I’m not suggesting you’re a sodier – and certainly not that you are old – and I know you will certainly never fade away. I am one of the folk who know how busy you are, how much you help others, how much you care about everyone. You have new paths to tread, new roads to travel, new challenges to meet. When one phase of your writing career ends and you go on to tilt at fresh windmills, it doesn’t mean you are leaving it behind forever. You can go back one day and pick up the threads again, richer for the new experiences and knowledge you have acquired in the meantime. We are all on a great journey. I hope I may be allowed to walk a few steps with you on yours.

  5. It’s not good bye. Like the caterpillar to a butterfly you are in transition and though some others out there may not recognize you after you have finished transformation, those who love you most will automatically know the beautiful soul of who you are and be drawn to you. You are loved, respected and cherished.

  6. Jennifer Don says:

    I wish I had your determination to stick with it right to the end. But I knew within myself that I needed to stop before I became emotionally destroyed in a period of time where I needed to be strong and focused. Admitting that I couldn’t continue was the best thing I could have done and I respect Tasha so much for always being there. Just as you were, as everyone was. This tour was different. It was new and are all better from it.

    I loved reading your posts every week. Even if I didn’t get round to commenting on them. They were fun and inspiring.

  7. Misty Harvey says:

    I caught what posts I could along the blog tour route. It was amazing to read so many inspiring stories. I also have quirky habits I’ve picked up as a writer. I will miss reading your inspiring blog posts along with others. Good luck on your next endeavor though, Kim. You have touched so many of us deeply, and have lifted us up.

    You are a true friend, mentor, and guiding light.

  8. Can’t believe I just met you and you are leaving. I hope you will come and visit and help us out now and then. This group will go on, though, thanks to all the work and effort I am sure you have put into it, Kim. Groups are like plants, or flowers. They need a lot of tender loving care and constant upkeep. So I understand if you must divert your efforts elsewhere. I wish you all the best, in all your endeavours and tons of success. You deserve it.

  9. As always you are an inspiration, Kim! I’m so honored to have been a part of this tour and to have become a part of the fabulous MK group on FB. Reading your posts each week has been equal parts entertaining and enlightening 😀

  10. It’s amazing how things happen to help us gather focus on our true calling. Kim you are not only a writer but an encourager. You will always be happiest when you are doing that, no matter what it may be. I am so blessed that it happens to be writing. Your book, Digitus 233 is going to roll out a magic carpet ride for you. I for one, am thrilled . Go far Kim! You deserve it.

  11. Ki, you have given so much to so many; Your own work deserves to have your attention and WE will be there to toot our horns for you and help you tell people about it. Good luck!!!

  12. Kim,

    I know it’s been a stretch for you time-wise…but I have so enjoyed learning more about you and about Digitus 233 and can’t wait until it is released! That sounds like it’s in prision…hmmm…maybe it will get an early parole!

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