This week we are wowing Jennifer Don and Dominique Goodall, both will be publishing soon with Master Koda Select Publishing. While we are patiently waiting their newest releases, these wonderful ladies have an anthology out: Lupus Animus, a charity anthology with 33 contributing authors.

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The Loss, Dominique Goodall

My paws tread on verdant, hallowed ground

And I pray to the moon, I’ll always be around.

The one to lift my head in song,

Holding a will for life, so eternally strong.

I often look around myself, eyes glowing bright,

Knowing of my kin and their desperate plight.

But there’s nothing I can do,

Except to offer a sad look, through amber hue.

North, Jennifer Don

“What are you?” I said softly, pushing myself up off the dirt until I stood almost level with this wolf-like creature before me. I could tell instantly that it was a she; her body was slim below her black and white fur. I had never seen such a creature before, one with a face like no other. It was almost like she was two animals in one as one half of her face was black, while the other remained white. My head tilted in curiosity as I watched her take a step closer to me. “I said….”

“I know what you said, young wolf. I am like you, but I’m not. I’m what they call a dog, a wolf whom isn’t one. Though I am one, deep down inside.”  She looked straight at me as though she wasn’t afraid of me, but I felt no threat from her and chose not to challenge her for what some would deem a fight for dominance. “Where is your family? It isn’t safe in these parts.”

I shook my head and lowered my back end until I sat even with her. “I… I have no family. I left them before they could leave me. They are heading straight into the eye of a great storm, and all my warnings went unheard. I tried, but they wouldn’t listen and so I took matters into my own paws. North is the name, in case you wondered. Not that you would care, no-one ever cares about me.”

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jenniferJennifer Don was born as the solstice approached in Stirling, Scotland. She spent the first seven years there before moving with her family to the quaint, seaside town Oban. It is there she found her love of writing and exploring new depths of a once hidden world. Jennifer’s hobbies include reading and art as well as relaxing to music – when the muse allows her of course. Using the wolves that guide her inspiration, her characters often find themselves similarly guided towards truth.

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dominiqueDominique Goodall is a modern day, pro-wolf Red Riding Hood. Living in the UK, she was only able to see the wolves within the confines of a zoo – or so she thought. A chance meeting gave her the opportunity to meet her lupine inspiration up close and personal, resulting in a chance leap and a wolf in her arms for a hug! She lives with a plethora of pets, not limited to her dog and snakes and they give her inspiration for her fantasies and allegories.


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#LupusAnimus, a charity anthology with 33 contributing authors. Paperback and eBook now available, with the release party coming on 07/26/14! Don’t miss out on all these awesome prizes.

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