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I’d like to introduce you to Marie Godley our guest blogger today. I met Marie quite a while ago in the Master Koda Facebook group and we have been friends ever since. Maria has had several titles under her belt. You can find them on Amazon. Help me give Marie a warm welcome!




Marie Godley

Marie Godley

My children have often influenced my writing, whether it was telling them stories to get through scary situations when they were young, or writing stories they wanted to read, but none so much as my latest book.

It all started in the car, a slight bump on the wing mirror from a motorcyclist which turned into a full blown argument outside my home. My daughter (now a young adult) was with me, and we often tease her about having a black sparkly soul – she’s very kind but she doesn’t take any nonsense. And so a character, Saoirse, and a first chapter were born. I just had to work out what was going to happen in the rest of the story.

I had wanted to write about the Grim Reaper in some form of other for a little while, but nothing had struck me enough for a story, so I combined the first chapter and character with a Grim Reaper connection and the story started to come together.

I originally followed a Greek mythology angle, but although an agent asked for a full MS they passed on the book because of too many threads, so I changed it to a paranormal setting and villains instead.

The next change that launched it into the first book in a trilogy (which have yet to be written although I have the main characters for them) came about when I found some covers that a designer had done. I had to have all three as they went together, hence my now bigger workload and two more books to write.

I think this is one of my favourite books. It has a sassy heroine, a sardonic and often humorous byplay between Saoirse and the Grim Reaper, as well as the usual battle of the bullies and villains, and a touch of friendship and romance. And I get to visit the setting, with some characters making return appearances in the next books.

I also have an idea for a couple of offshoots, but as I have a list of about ten books/stories to write I’m trying really hard not to think about them.