Dianne GardnerKim asked me to explain a little about Patreon, a site I’ve actually had an account with for years…so many years that when they recently decided to charge for participation, I was grandfathered in. Of course, all those years I’ve done nothing with my account until now.

I got the idea of actually working my Patreon account from a local author friend who told me how successful he’s been with his project. So successful he was offered a traditional publishing deal.

Not that I’m shooting for the same sort of success, but it would be fun to have some patrons I can serve personally.

Thinking back in time of the impressionists, you know, Manet, Monet, Degas, all those wonderful pioneers in the artworld, they all would have starved if they didn’t have someone who believed in them…patrons they called them. People who would buy their art, not because they needed another painting, but because they wanted to support them…out of love I suppose and encouragement. Oh, and I suppose they loved their work as well. Just think if your family had been a patron of Monet’s and you inherited his artwork! What a grand thing being a patron can be!

In any case, Patreon isn’t just about making money for me. It’s about writing. What a wonderful outlet to just write and post and not worry about buying ads and marketing. In theory, people would come to me. When I post, my patrons will get an email saying, “Chapter 2 is ready for you!” or “Look at these new bookmarks you can download and print!”

And the patrons save money too. I mean…what’s $5 a month for an endless supply of short stories? At the end of 3 months, you get a paperback of the work I’ve been posting signed by me! And the $10 tier is special because you get to read the novel I’m writing as I write it and revise it and edit it and at the end of 3 months you get a signed paperback at your door. Plus, you get all the short stories too. And if you aren’t that crazy about reading, my artwork tier is a real deal because for $11 a month you get free notecard PDFs and a painting PDF with a license to print any size you desire for your walls. That’s pretty cheap artwork.

Once things get rolling I may be including audiobooks for my Patrons as a bonus. Or I might write you or a loved one into a short story as a bonus.

Come to Patron and pick a tier and talk to me! I love my readers.