Dear Readers,

We hope your 2014 is going even better than you had hoped. We would love to hear from you on the blog as to what is happening with you.

Here at MKSP we are blessed to be working with our top quality authors and we are looking forward to providing some new and exciting books for our readers in the next few months.

Thank you for joining us in our first MKSP scavenger hunt. We had quite a few entries and everyone that joined the fun was put in the drawing for the free eBooks. The winner is Deanna! We will be emailing her privately in order to get her eBooks sent.

You can view the list below in a larger image by clicking on the image.


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Let the game begin! Welcome to the first Master Koda Holiday Scavenger Hunt. The object of this game is to answer the questions provided correctly in a comment below. Each author has provided a question, and a link to the page the answer can be found. Your name will be submitted in a raffle for several prizes. You must include your email in order for us to contact you if you win. Happy hunting!!

Question One: From author Arlene R. O’Neil – Click this link, then click Photos. Name the bag of candy my mom is so proudly holding.

Question Two: From author Vickie Johnstone Please go to my Facebook author page, like it, and tell me the title of the book in the bottom right-hand corner of the cover header.

Question Three: From author Tamy Burns My question: name any three iconic, historical persons from the LitFlix for the What She Knew Trilogy, the first video on this page

Question Four: From author Kim Emerson Go to this webpage to find the answer to the following question, “What MKSP author is a paramedic?”

Question Five: From author Laci Paige Visit my blog to find out what my favorite color is.

Question Six: From author Jennifer Lioske My question: What is the name of the charity alliance I’m part of?

Question Seven: From author DeEtte Beckstead Anderson My question: what sport did I participate in while attending the University of Utah?…/B00AD…/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_

Question Eight: From author Brenda Perlin: Who are the four main characters in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles.
Here is where you can find the answer:

Question Nine: From author Greta Burroughs My question is: how many books have I published? Go to my FB page and count the books in the header picture or read the about me section.

Question Ten: From author Sherill Willis – what is the name of the series I wrote? Here is my author page on FB

Question Eleven: From author Linda Bolton What’s the name of my first book?

Question Twelve: From author Nicole Storey-Bailey How many awards has Nicole Storey’s books won? The answer can be found here in two different locations.

Question Thirteen: From author T.M.Novak -Which reviewer called my book a, “Riveting and fast-moving thriller!”

Question Fourteen: From author Jerrid Eddington Go to my author page, like it, and tell me what it says in my header.

Question Fifteen: From author John Emil Augistine I played music with a member of what iconic band? The answer can be found at