GMBakerMaster Koda Select Publishing is proud to announce another new book from one of our many talented authors: G. Mitchell Baker!

Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies is G Mitchell Baker’s ninth book and his first foray writing for Preteens. When he’s not writing, Mitch he enjoys cycling and exploring for original and interesting things wherever he travels. While working on a future projects Mitch can be found:

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Emotions are at a high point after ‘Old Luke’ hits the town of Belleville. Building’s and lives are destroyed and the Fabiano twins, Teddy and Terri, find themselves in a fight to the finish to see who’s team will win the right to the only ball field left within a hundred miles.

What the kids and everyone around them learns is that the ‘home field advantage’ is not something you win. It’s more about working together and becoming a real team. Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies is a clever little book about kids and the true meaning of winning.

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