It’s my favorite month of the year, and not just because my granddaughter was born a couple days ago. Although, that just adds to the list.

There are so many reasons why I love December.

The holidays are at the top of that list. I grew up in New York and went to school with a lot of friends who were of the Jewish faith. I enjoyed watching them celebrate Hanukah, learned a lot from them, and felt immersed in a different culture. I found out at a young age that not everyone has the same traditions, nor do they celebrate the same things. And then learned later in life that not everyone was lucky enough to have that experience.

The Christmas Eve candlelight service at church was always a favorite time for me. Standing in the dark and singing with our candles lit made it feel like Christmas to me, it was powerful and moving.

Call me crazy, but I love snow! It used to be on my list, but it never snows anymore in December.

Then there’s my birthday. I was named after my birthday, more or less… Look up Natalie in any baby names book; it means Christmas, or a name given to a girl born on Christmas, or in December. Then my middle name is Star. I tell people that’s because I was my parents’ “Christmas Star”, making my grand entrance, I was born a little early. My due date was more like Valentines Day.

This birthdate, as many who share it with me can attest… About 90% of the time checking in at the doctor’s office (or anywhere you need to give your date of birth), this conversation ensues; “Oh, you’re a Christmas baby! You must hate that. Did you get less presents, or one gift for both? Oh, that’s gotta stink.” Then they finally pause and look at me expectantly. That’s probably the only negative for me. It’s like, “Here we go again”. If only I had a dime for every time I have this conversation. My standard reply, is to smile, and nod. Then I say “No, I didn’t hate it, and I was given just enough gifts to feel special.” That always gets a warm smile. It’s the truth, but for me it was a time that our family was together, people you wouldn’t normally see daily, I got to see on my birthday (or the night before). It was a treat, and we all got to share cake together. That was probably my favorite part.

What about you? What’s your favorite part of December?

Natalie Star author of the Mist NovelsAbout Natalie Star

Natalie Star is the author of the Mist Novels; a completed trilogy of YA paranormal romance with lots of twists and turns in a world that’s only in her mind, there’s no typical paranormal in this series.

Natalie Star author of the Mist novels