A Winter Wonderland of Memories

A Winter Wonderland of Memories:
A Holiday Journal and Adult Coloring Book Combination

The past couple of years have been rough for most of us and it is our desire that this book bring you joy during the coming holiday season.

The lined pages can be used for anything you want to jot down – recipes, memories, photos, craft ideas, games and prize ideas for parties. You name it.

The Incredible Power of Gratitude

The Incredible Power of Gratitude:
A Journal and Adult Coloring Book Combination

Have you faced challenges and hardships this year? Have you struggled to keep your attitude positive?

This sweet little book will bring you to a happier place. A journal and coloring book combination for unleashing the power of gratitude.

A Woman's Journey Journal

A Woman’s Journey: A Journal and Coloring Book Combination for Stress Release and Focus

A beautiful and affordable gift for others or for yourself. A woman walks a unique journey. And every woman’s journey is different than the next.

This journal encourages its owner to enjoy the unique journey they are on and to stop and smell the roses along the way.

A Mother's Heart Journal

A Mother’s Heart Journal

A perfect gift for the woman in your life or for yourself.

A journal with a unique flare for any woman who calls herself a mother. The book is crafted with love.

We hope you all enjoy it.

Cats Gone Crazy Holiday Coloring Book for Kids

Cats Gone Crazy Holiday Coloring Book for Kids

In this crazy coloring book, the cats have taken over the house and are celebrating to beat the band.

Grab the book and join the fun. You’ll be glad you joined the party.

For kids ages 5 – 10 or adults who are kids at heart.

Let's Go to the Zoo! A Coloring Book for Kids

Let’s Go to the Zoo! A Coloring Book for Kids

Let’s Go to the Zoo is an MKSP coloring book full of fun inspired by our young friend James. He requested a coloring book full of animals and we delivered.

There are no double-sided pages, so any medium can be used; crayons, paint, felt-tip markers.

Elves in the Kitchen coloring book ebook

Elves in the Kitchen
Coloring Book


Books by K.D. Emerson

Digitus Rising: Psychological Thriller

Digitus 233
Digitus Series Book One

Zeph Wheeler struggles to uncover the truth behind the corrupt organization that holds his brother and the future of the world in its grasp.

Digitus Rising Psychological Thriller

Digitus Rising
Digitus Series Book Two

Digitus Rising is a nail-biting, edge of your seat, young adult thriller in the Digitus Series of dystopian novels.

Digitus Interrupted Puzzle eBook

Digitus Interrupted available Oct 30th is an interactive book of puzzles and games. The reader joins the alliance to save the world from annihilation.  

Digitus Interrupted
Puzzle eBook

Digitus Journal

Digitus Journal

A Notebook for Stress Management to Change Anxiety and Create a Successful Life

Let that old Digitus mindset go and create your best life using this journal as a starting point.

Books by Arlene R. O’Neil and MKSP

Broken Spokes by Arlene R ONeil

Broken Spokes

Broken Spokes is an inspirational and moving story of a courageous child who, in spite of physical and emotional suffering, grew into a compassionate, loving and valiant woman. Crippled at age six, the author begins an odyssey which will consume her entire life. Through her sufferings, she finds a way to heal others, and in doing so, saves herself.

Holiday Keepsakes: A Collection of Stories, Poems and Memories

Holiday Keepsakes: A Collection of Stories, Poems and Memories

A collection of holiday stories and memories as told by the staff and authors of Master Koda Select Publishing, LLC. This book is dedicated to our many fans and readers. We hope you enjoy sharing our traditions as we offer up bits of our personal family sagas. It is our hope that this collection will warm your heart and spark your own memories of days gone by. We also hope that it will bring healing and a sense of hope for the future.

Books by Jerrid Edgington

Racing the Reaper Jerrid Edgington

Racing The Reaper:
Racing The Reaper Series Book 1 

In the fast-paced world of emergency services, Jacob nearly buckles from the pressure and begins making one mistake after another. He wonders if the stress of holding people’s lives in his hands is too much for him.

Resuscitation by Jerrid Edgington

Resuscitation: Racing The Reaper Series Book 2

Jacob Myers moves to Idaho to find Bridgett and start a new life. Things go drastically wrong for Jacob from the moment he steps off the plane. Bridgett’s in a relationship with a handsome young doctor, someone wants to ruin Jacob’s career, and then the threats to his life begin. Can Jacob survive long enough to unravel the tangled web of deceit?

Reaper’s Requiem author Jerrid Edgington

Reaper’s Requiem: Racing The Reaper Series Book 3

With the memory of Bridge and their unborn child’s death haunting him, Jacob’s life spiraled out of control. He sought to comfort his pain in ways he never imagined he would. The fire that once burned deep inside of him to help people, was now extinguished. Every time he looked in a mirror the man that looked back was a stranger.

Revenge of the Reaper author Jerrid Edgington

Revenge of the Reaper: Racing The Reaper Series Book 4

Things were going perfectly for Jacob until Pete Oldenbrook tore into his life with the force of an F5 tornado and yanked the most important thing (Jacob’s baby) from his arms.

Is there time to save her or has the unthinkable already happened?

Books by Jane Carroll

Bertha Size Your Life author Jane Carroll

The Bertha Series Book 1

Life got you down? Kids left home? Not sure what you want to do with your life now that you’re really grownup? Got a nosey cat? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there’s a Bertha for all of that!

Becoming Bertha author Jane Carroll

Becoming Bertha: The Bertha Series Book 2

Life is good until Bertha begins the shoe model tour, leaving Honey to continue her transformation on her own or revert to her former self. Will Honey follow Bertha’s advice to get over who she was and become who she is?

Where the Joys Are Journal author Jane Carroll

Where the Joys Are: Bertha’s Guided Journal: The Bertha Series Book 3

Are you struggling to find joy in today’s trying times?

Do you equate finding joy in your everyday life to digging for buried treasure? It has to be there somewhere, maybe under last week’s laundry, but you don’t have a clue how to start.

Where the Joys Are: Bertha’s Guided Journal is the treasure map you’ve been looking for.

Books by K.R. Hughes & T.L. Burns

Fateful Night Book 1

Fateful Night: What She Knew Book 1 (What She Knew Trilogy)

Many argue that she knew too many secrets. Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide or did someone get away with murder?

Becoming Bertha author Jane Carroll

Darkest Day (What She Knew Trilogy Book 2)

JFK was a president who stood for radical change; his charisma carried him through the masses with a never-seen-before devotion. On the tragic day of his assassination, the nation is shocked. 

Where the Joys Are Journal author Jane Carroll

Brightest Dawn (What She Knew Trilogy Book 3)

Robert Kennedy, AG for the US, faced threats from the mafia and opposition from President Johnson. However, the tide was about to turn. The puzzle that had no rhyme or reason was now becoming clear.