In honor of Valentine’s Day I asked Bertha* to share her best relationship advice. As usual, I was a bit surprised by her answers.

I suppose I was expecting something like…put the toilet seat down…don’t go to bed angry…and while she agrees that those things are important, especially the toilet seat thingie, her answers were quite different. She said they apply to all relationships not just the romantic ones.

First…she instructed me to…always speak my truth. She says this starts in my own heart. Be honest with myself. What do I want? What do I need? What am I willing to give to another? Then, she says I should be honest with others.

She reminded me that spoken words are like seeds. They grow and produce fruits. Only if they are truly what’s in my heart, will I reap my heart’s desires.

Her second piece of advice was to have…compassion. To release judgment of myself and others, seeing all things through the eyes of love…not passion…but…love.

She said if I can do these two things all relationships won’t develop but that all relationships aren’t meant to. But she said the ones that do will be honest. They will be strong. They will stand the test of time.

*Bertha is Jane Carroll’s voice of inner wisdom. She takes on a zany personification in Jane’s writing, standing on her soapbox wearing spandex and high-heels…telling it like it can be.

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Life Coach, Jane Carroll, assists women in finding, owning, and living their truth. She is the bestselling author of Bertha-Size Your Life!, Becoming Bertha, and Where the Joys Are. Jane divides her time between coaching, writing, blogging, and school nursing, with a little social media thrown in for entertainment. http://www.janecarrollauthor.com