Lately, I’ve been on the move… literally. At the end of March 2022, I moved, from a delightful tiny house on a lake, to a historic home about two hours away. I’m not sure who was most surprised about this upheaval, me or everyone else in the world. I say that because this time last year I had just completed renovating the tiny house so that it had the colors and storage that I loved. It even got a screened in porch. The cats and I were in tiny heaven. Until one day in January a voice whispered in my ear, “It’s time to move.”

I suppose the voice was Bertha. I mean, who else would it other than Bertha… defender of spandex, stander on soapboxes, spouter of a better way, and sparrer with cats… just to name of few of her infamous talents. Of course, it was Bertha, and I knew better than to argue with her. She always… and I do mean… always… wins!

So, I opened my mind just a tiny bit to explore the options and next thing I knew we were up to our highest heels in moving boxes.

But, backing up a bit. Why was it time to move? I think the final chapter in Bertha-Size Your Life! explains it best. Bertha talks about moving on because she wants to grow and expand and there just isn’t room for that anymore. And while there certainly was little space to expand my growing energy practice and the classes I was facilitating in 400 square feet, it was more than that. I find that my house is a metaphor for my life. When I moved in the tiny house, my mother had just passed away and I needed a space to cocoon. The pandemic kept me swaddled in that small space… until one day it happened. I had healed. The pandemic was lifting. I was getting out. I was traveling and taking classes with Access Consciousness®. And just like the butterfly no longer needs the confinement of the cocoon… metaphorically… neither did I.

So, we moved. Bertha and the two cats and I and all our worldly possessions now reside in 1895 square feet of a circa 1891 house. The funny thing is, although there is a huge difference in overall space, old houses don’t have much more storage than tiny houses. My ‘office’ is still in the kitchen and I’m still trying to figure out how to get all my clothes in two 24-inch closets in the bedroom.

Then you may ask… was it worth it? And I would answer… yes… a hundred times yes. Bertha agrees as she slides down the banister with the cats in hot pursuit. You see, it really is about the life I can build and expand and has not so much to do with closet space.

Bertha and I are taking classes, teaching classes, working with clients and having book signings. And when we’re not, Bertha is bossing the contractor and his crew as they add lots of shoe shelves in the closets. Hey… some things are really important!

Bestselling author of the Bertha Series, Jane Carroll is a mostly retired RN. She is an Access Bars Facilitator®, Body Facilitator®, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner®. She is currently feverishly getting her upstairs in order for her granddaughters’ upcoming visit and the downstairs ready for her next Access Bars Class. Jane is available to visit with your Book Club or other group via Zoom.

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