Encourage your kids to read with Kai’s Journey!

wendy and charles siefkenIt’s exciting to assist people in creating their dreams. MKSP was excited when the mother/son writing duo of Charles and Wendy Siefken contacted us for publication. Charles was newly graduated from high school and ready to take on the writing world. He is gifted with a vivid imagination and stories just seem to flood his mind. Today, their first published novel, Kai’s Journey is on sale for a mere 99cents. It’s an unique and creative post-apocalyptic fantasy.

If you have trouble getting your middle graders to read we encourage you to introduce them to Kai’s Journey today.

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An awful mistake, an unlikely companion, Kai’s journey to save the human race.

Kai's Journey by Wendy and Charles Siefken


After his father accidentally releases a killer virus into the world, Kai is left alone to battle the creatures the virus created. While fighting for his existence in the barren post-apocalyptic world, Kai runs into an unlikely ally in a young woman named Clover.

Fueled by a flicker of hope, the two teenagers join forces with a rag-tag band of survivors in a heroic journey. Can the human race endure?

Purchase Kai’s Journey today on Amazon: http://dld.bz/cQ4UA