Jerrid Edgington Today we are wowing Master Koda Select Publishing’s (MKSP) author Jerrid Edgington!

Jerrid Edgington calls Poteau Oklahoma his home with his wife, Jody, and their daughter Zoey. Jerrid has worked in EMS for the past 18 years with 15 of those years as a Paramedic. With all of his years in the emergency medical field, he has always felt he had a story to write. While in Texas with his wife during a travel nursing job, he opened up his computer and began to write. Having started to write a book several times over the years but never finishing it, this time his fingers took on a life of their own and he was able to complete his first book. His first novel is called Racing the Reaper and it fits many genre’s. He has two books written and is working on the final book in the Racing the Reaper Trilogy.

Jerrid spent his high school years in athletics and continued his football career playing for several different semi-pro teams in Idaho, Washington State, and Oklahoma. He enjoys woodworking and has built furniture for his home.

Jerrid Edgington is a Paramedic at Le Flore County EMS in Poteau Oklahoma. He has been in EMS for 17 years with 15 years of that as a Paramedic. He has worked in four different states in EMS. He has worked in big inner city as well as the rural settings. Jerrid has always aspired to write a book. His books Racing the Reaper and Resuscitation are published through Master Koda Select Publishing and are available on Amazon. The third book in the Reaper series is currently going through the editing process and will be available for purchase this fall.

Excerpt from Racing the Reaper


Jacob stood on the dock, confused. Gilmore guided the other occupants off the boat to give Charles room to work.

“What’s her name?” Charles asked the driver. “I think it’s Amber. She kept saying that all the way here so I’m guessing that’s it,” the driver answered. “Amber, are you hurting anywhere?” The woman continued thrashing.

“Jacob, get the back board and c-spine stuff off of the sheriff’s boat. Gilmore, call this into dispatch and get me a helicopter,” Charles ordered.

Jacob bolted towards the sheriff’s boat to get the equipment. He tripped over a loose board, lost his balance, and fell into the lake. How could he be so clumsy?

Charles looked over his shoulder for Jacob, but didn’t see him. “Jacob what are you doing? Get that gear over here!” screamed Charles.

Trying hard to hold back a laugh, Gilmore said, “Your rookie just fell into the lake.”

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Excerpt from Resuscitation


Jacob’s throat constricted. “This is Jacob on Medic-57. We’re on scene of a head on collision with one confirmed fatality. We have a pregnant female who is approximately eight months pregnant. We lost pulses a moment ago, and we’re forty-five minutes from the nearest hospital. What do you want me to do?” Life or death calls brought out the best in him, but the added element of having a child’s life in his hands terrified him. There was silence on the other end of the phone. “Hello? Are you there?” Jacob felt as though a vacuum had sucked the air from his lungs.

James pumped frantically on the woman’s chest. Beads of sweat from his forehead slowly traced down his face and fell onto the lifeless woman’s body.

“Yes. I’m here. How long has she been in cardiac arrest?”

“Less than a minute. My partner is doing CPR on her now.”

Doctor Young cleared his throat. “You have two choices. I can talk you through a field C-section, or you can do nothing and the baby will die. There’s nothing you can do for the mother. She’s already dead.”

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