Kindle Touch 3G

Ebooks are all the rage now, with technology expanding everyday people are on the search for the best ereaders, tablets and more. Below you can read more about the Kindle Touch 3G. Top-of-the-line e-reader, with touch and free 3G wireless Free 3G wireless, no annual contracts or monthly fees. Download books anywhere, no hunting for… Read More

Paint Shop Pro 4

Paint Shop Pro is the perfect photo and graphic editor. Many graphic designers use this program to edit photos and create graphis. My webmaster Rebbekah White uses this program in all her design work and personally endorses it. Rebbekah states that out of all the programs she has used in the past she highly recommends… Read More

Sound Forge 10

See larger image Sony Creative Software Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 – 2011 [Old Version] (DVD-ROM) Sound Forge Audio Studio software is the easiest way to record, edit, encode, and master audio on your home computer. Capture live performances in high-fidelity sound at the touch of a button. Expertly edit recordings to balance sound levels,… Read More

Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder

See larger image Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder (Black) (Office Product) Sony’s ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorder is a budget friendly way to immortalize your thoughts, meetings, and other voice quality audio. The PX820 has a 2GB builtin flash memory which can hold up to 535 hours (in LP mode) of data. Features like voice activated… Read More